Based on academic research and deep experience, the Rally Methodology is a creative solution for common organisational and interpersonal challenges.

The methodology leverages the fact that empowered, resilient and focused employees, working within an organisational culture that optimally supports business and corporate strategies, are happier, more naturally innovative and more productive.

Creating a more focused and fun environment also helps to slow employee churn, reduce the risks of litigation and increase management bandwidth.


  • Gain high level understanding of industry & market
  • Understand management objectives & challenges
  • Evaluate customer segments, products, operations, KPIs, marketing & sales approach
  • Consider location & workspace utilisation
  • Gain broad stakeholder perspectives: investors, managers, employees, clients, suppliers, wider community


  • Identify & evaluate potential strategic & tactical opportunities
  • Identify current strengths, weaknesses & threats for each opportunity
  • Aid decision-making process to narrow options
  • Develop & hone highly differentiated strategy
  • Involve relevant stakeholders in the process to optimise & maintain engagement


  • Create implementation project timeline & goals
  • Involve stakeholders in initiating project
  • Individual coaching for management & staff & group facilitation as required to optimise skills & communication
  • Support process of developing or acquiring necessary talent
  • Monitor, evaluate and optimise